EEK! There’s a horde of L96A1’s heading my way!

In MemphianMotion, Ranting on November 27, 2010 at 10:11 pm

Black Ops. – the hit game of all eternity selling for $360,000,000 in a very small amount of time.
Call of Duty – the largest game franchise in the world.

What happens when you put these two together?
You get Call of Duty Black. Ops.

With Call of Duty Black Ops. comes a theater mode, and even a way to render 30 second long clips that go directly on to your YouTube account. What relevance does this statement have you ask?

Well, this new ability opens up a huge window for people to go for that dream of being a YouTube star. Of course, I have my own way of putting up videos on YouTube, such as with an actual camera, so I don’t take part in this dream. I also just don’t find it that interesting. COULD be a huge factor in all this.

But why does all this make me mad enough to get on a blog that I haven’t been on in about 4 months?

Because my friends got involved.

Before Black Ops. came out I only had one friend that had that dream to be YouTube famous, but now there’s a small horde of people that I personally know having fun with this.

This wouldn’t really upset me usually, but since a quarter of my friends list on XBOX Live is grouping together and all renaming their gamertags (usernames, screenames, etc.) after their most favoritest gun in that game – the L96A1 -, I have grown a little infuriated. Infuriated enough, in fact, to actually go out and be a sardonic little jerk about it and show them how intelligent they look to me.

That’s right, it’s time for another video.

Look out L96A1 fanboys, Memphian Motion is coming.


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