In Sportsy Stuff, Victories on June 23, 2010 at 4:04 pm

USA just scored a goal in stoppage time to beat Algeria and win Group C, thus advancing to the next round. They’ll play the runner-up of Group D. Now let’s see if I can completely tip-toe around the game.

See I was reading a nice article about three million iPads being sold in the first 80 days, and then suddenly the room completely erupts in a frenzy of man screams. Naturally I was shocked and appaled. So I wasn’t really cheering for the goal because I was in complete shock.

I bet that goalie is going to get the highest punishment there is in Algeria which I guess is something ridiculous like… being pineappled. It’s like being stoned, but you just get pineapple thrown at you for about 2 hours.

Finally USA did something big in sports that wasn’t basketball.

One goal? Really? We won the group, we should be so good that we beat teams by like three goals. I wouldn’t be too mad about the one goal win if it wasn’t in stoppage. STOPPAGE.

In all seriousness, I’m happy that America won their group. I look forward to watching them in the next round.


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