Miami Dolphins

In Ranting, Sportsy Stuff on June 21, 2010 at 4:58 pm

Ok so let’s get one thing straight, the Miami Dolphins are the best team in sports ever created.

  • We’re the only team that ever went through a season undefeated. Don’t go complaining about how it was a seventeen game season including the playoffs, a completely undefeated season is nearly impossible.
  • Dan Marino, ’nuff said about that.
  • We are going to win every championship in every sport. That includes: NBA Finals, World Series, Super Bowl, U.S. Open, Tour De France, World Cup, Stanely Cup, plus the championships for rugby, tennis, lacrosse, and cricket. That’s just a small list.
  • We’re the freakin’ Dolphins, the smartest animal that ever lived.


Ok I’m tired of reading what I type about the single greatest franchise that was ever created. I think you get the picture that I am so lazy I pick one team to dominate every sport.

I’m out,

G Air It


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