EEK! There’s a horde of L96A1’s heading my way!

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Black Ops. – the hit game of all eternity selling for $360,000,000 in a very small amount of time.
Call of Duty – the largest game franchise in the world.

What happens when you put these two together?
You get Call of Duty Black. Ops.

With Call of Duty Black Ops. comes a theater mode, and even a way to render 30 second long clips that go directly on to your YouTube account. What relevance does this statement have you ask?

Well, this new ability opens up a huge window for people to go for that dream of being a YouTube star. Of course, I have my own way of putting up videos on YouTube, such as with an actual camera, so I don’t take part in this dream. I also just don’t find it that interesting. COULD be a huge factor in all this.

But why does all this make me mad enough to get on a blog that I haven’t been on in about 4 months?

Because my friends got involved.

Before Black Ops. came out I only had one friend that had that dream to be YouTube famous, but now there’s a small horde of people that I personally know having fun with this.

This wouldn’t really upset me usually, but since a quarter of my friends list on XBOX Live is grouping together and all renaming their gamertags (usernames, screenames, etc.) after their most favoritest gun in that game – the L96A1 -, I have grown a little infuriated. Infuriated enough, in fact, to actually go out and be a sardonic little jerk about it and show them how intelligent they look to me.

That’s right, it’s time for another video.

Look out L96A1 fanboys, Memphian Motion is coming.


Berserker Bricks

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Aardvark takes the cake

In Victories on July 4, 2010 at 3:30 am

I had a question, the question itself isn’t important, but I needed it answered. So I went to Yahoo Answers to get it answered. Of course I was disappointed because within an hour I had 0 answers. I then went to a forum, which I thought would help. I asked my question and no answer within two hours. Finally I remembered that I had an account over at Aardvark. So I went there, asked my question and within ten minutes I had an answer. So now my problem is solved and I am attempting to wipe Yahoo! Answers out of my mind and make sure I remember Aardvark as my primary source for answering questions.

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